14 - 16 November 2018

General Information

Safe Journey

Contrary to what you may hear on the news, Israel is one of the safest places to hang out in. You'll find the country very quiet and safe to travel during all hours of the day.

One should still notice that some points of interest in the Holy City are closed to tourists during specific times. In addition, traveling to Bethlehem or other sites in the Palestinian Authority is advised only with organized tours (passport needed).


We strongly recommend booking a hotel as soon as possible to assure room availability. In addition, due to the rural location of the conference venue the most recommended hotel is the conference hotel. When we will open the registration we will add registration forms for the hotel


The currency of Israel is New Israeli Shekel (about 4.2 NIS is equivalent to 1.0 Euro)

Banks are open from Sunday to Friday

Τime Zone & Dialling Code

Local time is GMT +2 hour.

International Dialling Code: 972


The voltage in Israel is 220V

Other Useful Telephone Numbers, in case of Emergency

Emergency ambulance service: 101

Police (Emergency number): 100

In case of fire: 102